Your bike’s radiator is one of the most critical areas to protect. By placing a radiator guard and a radiator brace on your motorcycle, you ensure you protect your bike and get out of the bush safely.

The difference between a radiator brace and a radiator guard

If you are looking at these products for the first time, you might not know the difference between a radiator guard and a radiator brace or why you should use both.

A radiator guard is designed to protect the front of your radiator cooling system. The guard covers a large part of your radiator’s exposed cooling system while still allowing the radiator to work correctly. Its main purpose is to stop troublesome sticks and debris from damaging the soft but vital operating components on your bike.

On the other hand, a radiator brace is designed to add strength and stability to your radiator by attaching the radiator into a firm position on your motorbike. By affixing your radiator with a brace, you are decreasing the chance of bleeding from your radiator in the event of a crash and, at the same time, lessening the possibility of your radiator mountings becoming damaged over tough terrains.

Two-in-one Radiator Guard & Brace XT 

Instead of buying a radiator brace and a radiator guard separately, get our two-in-one Radiator Guard & Brace XT. It is a convenient choice that will save you money and installation time. Buying our Radiator Guard & Brace XT isn’t just monetarily convenient, but it’s also a smart choice for your safety. If you’re considering long rides where access to proper mechanical and even medical facilities is rare, by investing in a radiator guard and brace you’re limiting the chances of getting stuck in difficult and dangerous situations, as well as saving yourself from costly repairs in the event of an incident.

Protect your motorbike with TDM Parts 

If you love riding enduro, off-roading and motocross, your bike is probably your most treasured possession. It certainly is so for us at TDM Parts. We know firsthand that riding in such extreme conditions for extended periods is taxing on your bike. That is why we have selected the best parts, like our Radiator Guard & Brace XT, to make sure that your motorbike is not going to let you down at a critical time of your ride or suffer any expensive damage. At TDM Parts, we know that prevention is a lot better and cheaper than the cure. Made by motorbike riders, for motorbike riders, all of our parts are Australian designed and the best components to see your bike through our most challenging terrains. Invest in our Radiator Guard & Brace XT today and protect you and your most treasured possession from harm.

If you have any enquiries regarding our Radiator Guard & Brace XT or any of our other parts, please contact us today. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is always happy to help!