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When it comes to riding trails in the extreme Australian landscape, you have to be prepared for pretty much anything. Just as importantly, so does your bike. TDM parts intend to help your bike be prepared for any situation. Our motorcycle accessories safeguard your bike against possible damage out on the trail, meaning you need not worry about costly damage or potentially dangerous malfunctions.

TDM Parts was created by two motorcycle riders with a passion for riding — and a need for good quality parts which would not let them down while on an adventure. Passion, precision and uncompromising quality are the core ethos of the business.

Be prepared with TDM parts

At TDM Parts we understand that your dirt bike is an extension of you — so you should afford your motorcycle parts the same level of protection that you would provide for yourself. That’s why we have engineered a range of the highest quality guards, braces and covers to protect your dirt bike parts from damage. All the motorcycle accessories manufactured by TDM parts are 100% Australian engineered and manufactured from the highest quality materials by riders, for riders.

We offer a wide range of protection for your dirt bike parts. If you’ve not considered installation before, we will run you through our range of motorcycle parts and their intended purpose for your bike. Our product range includes:

Front and rear disc brake guards

Protection of your bike’s braking system should be the number-one priority for any rider. By installing one of our quality front or rear brake guards, you can feel assured that your brakes won’t let you down when you need them.

Radiator protective covers and guards

The radiator is one of the most important parts of any motorbike, and a radiator cover or guard is a must for riders looking to take on extreme rides. By adding a radiator guard brace to your motorcycle, you offer your bike’s vital cooling system protection from debris and damage.

Bash plates

The bottom of your bike is the area most likely to come in contact with debris, rocks and dirt. It’s also where the most sensitive parts of your engine are. As such, you should make sure you always have a bash plate to protect your engine from any unnecessary damage, meaning your ride doesn’t get cut short unnecessarily.

Case savers

When you’re out riding hard, the internal mechanisms of your bike are working overtime to keep you going. Installation of one of our tailored case savers will help prevent your engine’s vital parts from clashing with your bike’s engine casing, reducing the chance of internal damage.

Protect your dirt bike with quality parts

By protecting your dirt bike, you’re essentially protecting yourself — it’s really as simple as that. None of us would ride in extreme conditions without proper protective gear, and your bike should be the same. So be smart — protect you and your dirt bike parts against as many eventualities as possible.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the TDM parts range of premium protective equipment for your motorcycle, feel free to contact us today on the phone or via email to find out how we can make your ride as safe as it can be.



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