As a 100% Australian owned and operated dirt bike parts manufacturer, TDM knows what you need to conquer even the toughest of landscapes. Our personally designed and produced range of motorcycle parts is made to protect both you and your beloved bike from harm.

Beta bike parts from TDM, when quality matters

As Italian superstar manufacturers, Beta Motorcycles are no newcomers to the industry — they have been manufacturing bikes, motorcycles and Beta motorcycle accessories for over 100 years. Fast forward to today, and they are now internationally acclaimed for producing championship-winning off-road and enduro motorbikes. Plus, this Italian manufacturer has distributors across the world, including our retail outlet right here in Australia. Known for excellent production standards, high-quality Beta motorcycle parts and beautiful Italian styling, Beta Motorcycles are a world-class, industry-leading manufacturer.

At TDM, we are proud to offer a full selection of aftermarket Beta bike parts, designed specifically for protecting the most valuable components of your Beta Motorcycle.

Beta motorcycle accessories available from TDM

TDM has designed a core range of protective Beta bike parts to ensure that your bike doesn’t suffer out on the harsh trails of the Australian wilderness. Our team are always adding more items to our Beta motorcycle accessories range, which includes:

  • Radiator guards & radiator braces

The most important of all motorcycle parts is the radiator. To guarantee your radiator is protected from debris, rocks and harsh terrain, you want to invest in high-quality Beta motorcycle parts to stay safe and secure. It will make the difference between a great day’s riding and a terrible one. TDM has designed our radiator braces and guards to the highest level to protect your vital cooling system.

  • Bash plates

Located at the bottom of your bike, your engine is the most exposed of your bike parts. Make sure you’re covered from serious damage by installing one of TDM’s bash plates today.

  • Brake guards

Safeguarding your brakes with one of our front or rear brake guards, our range of Beta motorcycle accessories could save not only your bike but also, more importantly, your life. Brake failure in the bush or on a dirt track can be catastrophic, so you need to make sure you’re protecting both yourself and your bike correctly.

  • Case savers

By investing in the right high-quality equipment, you can protect the critical drive section of your Beta motorcycle parts. Installation of one of TDM’s specially designed case savers will protect your internal mechanism from receiving damage while riding.

  • Side stand base

When you’re on treacherous ground, taking a break is extremely important. Adding one of the Beta side stand bases to your setup will give your motorbike more stability and prevent it from falling or causing unwanted damage.

Choose TDM for superior quality Beta motorcycle parts

If you’re the lucky owner of a Beta motorcycle, make sure you protect your bike and yourself from the dangers of extreme riding today. As keen motorbike riders, our team is constantly reviewing new products for the Beta range, but if you can’t see what you’re looking for in our online store, please contact us over the phone at 02 4577 6500 or via our website.